Stealing the Colors of the Rainbow
Elmar Weinmayr
Der Regenbogenfarbendieb - Färben mit Pflanzen in
der Werkstatt Yoshioka (Stealing the Colors of the
Rainbow - Fabric dyeing with plant-colors in the
Yoshioka workshop)
Kyôto: Shikôsha Publishing Company, 2001
116 pages, 30 cm x 23 cm
Photographs by Tsunehiro Kobayashi, Tôkyô

Published in conjunction with the exhibition "Die
Werkstatt des Färbemeisters Yoshioka. Höhepunkte
japanischer Färbekunst" (The Workshop of the Dyer
Yoshioka. Highlights of Japanese Dyeing Art), Galerie
Handwerk München, 2001.

In 2002 this book was translated into Japanese:
Nijiirodorobo - Sometsukasa Yoshioka no
shokubutsusome, translated by Nobuko Maebori
Verlag Shikôsha, Kyôto 2002.

PRICE 35.- Euro
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